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We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Did you know our APP has something called the 'Buddy' System?
The Buddy System allows you to track your loved ones and know that we are transporting them safely home. 

Simply set yourself as a Buddy in their phone and have the comfort of knowing when they are on route home.


APRIL 2019

Andrews Taxis would like to  wish you all a Happy Easter!



It is with great delight that we are able to share with you the news that we have been awarded a 5 year fixed term contract at Southend airport.

To put this in perspective the footfall through the airport last year was 1.6 million passengers and the forecast for the 5 year contract is as follows:

2019: 2.6 Million
2020: 3.5 Million
2021: 4.1 Million
2022: 4.8 Million
2023: 5 Million

With the introduction of Ryanair from April this year the leap will be instant, added to this the Virgin takeover of Flybe this potential effect could be phenomenal.

Clearly our experience& hard work over the last 7 years has paid dividends with the airport having confidence in awarding such a large contract to a local operator like ourselves.



We would like to wish everybody a very Happy New Year!



Andrews Taxis now officially operates in the Castle Point area!

Make sure you give us a call on the new Castle Point number: 01702 300300 and like the Andrews


We now have someone runnig our Social Pages! They will be posting on all our Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so make you follow them if you haven't already.



Improvements have been made to our app! Further developments include being able to track your car or use the new Buddy System to allow a member of family or friend to track the vehicle by choice, and further ensure safety and furthermore, push notifications will be available on the live status of your car. The option to save your home address will be functional along with the ability to pay by credit card with a minimum fare of £10 and remember, no waiting in phone queues!


JULY 2017

NEWS * our state of the art app is now being developed even further, with some very exciting add ons! We will be releasing this very soon. Keep an eye out for voucher codes to use off your next rides (you must DOWNLOAD OUR APP which you can find our links to on the front of our web page and then like and share our Facebook Page to activate)


JUNE 2017

WHAT A GOOD SUMMER WE ARE HAVING! Many of you will be busy planning your well-earned summer holidays and having lots of BBQ's, please remember that Andrews Taxis are very competitive on prices for all your transport needs to all major Airports and long distance journeys, being able to provide all size vehicles up to 7 seats and wheelchair access vehicles.

For information and quotes on our set fare prices please call our friendly operators who will be happy to help.


March 2017

Wave Is Coming To Southend



New for 2017,

Our system now has a new feature for our Restaurant proprietors; it’s an automated booking system for you and your staff to make booking a taxi for your clients much quicker and simpler. If you would like more information on this service please call 01702200200 and ask for Gary.



Thank you to all of our customers who used our service over Christmas and new year !

News Years Eve was very successful for our drivers and customers alike with our drivers having a very busy night and our valued customers not having unacceptable waiting times, well done to the girls and boys in the call centre for giving up their new years eve to work very hard for us all.

Thank you again and please continue to call us



ANDREWS TAXIS would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers old and new a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year!

From all the Drivers, Management team, and of course all the boys and girls in the call the calls centre.

Please remember Christmas and New Year is our busiest time of the year and we will always do our best to meet your requirements, we will also endeavour to be on time for your bookings made with us, however for many reasons especially on New Year’s Eve this may not always be possible but promise we will do our best.

We would also like to remind you that Southend and Rochford councils operate a double fare charge during certain days during this period. For more information please call us.

November 2016

Our response to the article published in the Evening Echo.


In response to your article published on 16th November 2016 “Stay off our patch!”  The Taxi Trade of  Southend, Rochford & Castle Point have issued this joint statement.

Our concerns over UBER operating in our areas primarily relate to the Safety of the Public which is clearly at risk based on the following four facts.

1: UBER Divers with Criminal Records are operating in Southend.

There are drivers operating in Southend who have previously had their licenses revoked by Southend Council on the grounds of failing CRB checks. We have great concerns as to how UbER carry out their driver criminal record checks. Cllr Tony Cox stated on BBC Essex on the 3rd November that authorized Uber Drivers were working in Southend after Southend Council had revoked their licenses having found that they have been convicted of criminal offences.  Fred Jones from Uber stated on the same radio program he had concerns over this.

Fred Jones from Uber:-  “This shows the need for greater collaboration between councils and national standards. Cllr Cox has brought to my attention there is a driver who now works for Uber who is licensed by TFL, has his vehicle licensed by TFL and also has an individual license with TFL. There is nothing wrong with that at law. However he did have all those 3 licenses with Southend borough Council and actually had those licenses removed because he failed the fit a proper persons test”

2: UBER Drivers operating without correct insurance.

We have concerns that if as stated on BBC Essex, Uber cars are working illegally by not being licensed in our boroughs, that the drivers hire and reward insurance will be deemed invalid. Therefore if a passenger was to be involved in an accident in one of these vehicles the insurance company may refuse to pay out for any injuries or other claims.

3: UBER Drivers operating in unsafe vehicles

As they are not licensed by Southend Council the traditional enforcement officers from the Southend Hackney carriage office that work tirelessly at all hours spot checking that our licensed drivers vehicles are safe, clean and road worthy have no powers over the UBER drivers. Clearly nobody is checking or monitoring these drivers and vehicles as the policing of these cars are non-existent as these cars are licensed in London. The public are exposed as anybody could be driving these vehicles not necessarily the licensed driver, the vehicle may not be in a road worthy condition or the vehicle may not have the correct Hire & Reward insurance necessary for transporting the public. The current system is a regulated industry with local enforcement however the way UBUR operate the local enforcement is powerless to protect the public.

4: UBER Drivers overcharging the public

Locally licensed Taxis have to operate with a meter and it is illegal to charge above the displayed metered price in our borough, The metered price is set and calibrated by the council. UBER (as the council have no power over them) can charge what they like and they use this for greater benefit of themselves by introducing a surcharge. To be fair and balanced in normal conditions UBERS pricing structure is very similar to that of a Southend regulated cab. However as soon as demand is high Uber activate their policy of “surging” where they put the prices up at any time without notice and this can be extremely misleading to the public as we have seen surging of up to 4 times the standard council regulated fares. UBER of course say this is all in the small print when you book.



Andrews Taxis are expanding into Rayleigh

The beginning of October saw the launch of Andrews Taxis expanding into the Rayleigh area, we were approached by a number of long standing experienced Rayleigh drivers who expressed to us that they would like to start a circuit under the Andrews banner to offer the residents of Rayleigh an alternative service, we were pleased to accommodate their request and so Andrews Rayleigh was born.

If you are a resident of Rayleigh and a local taxi user we would be delighted if you would give us a try, you can call us on 01268 770200 and we would do our utmost to give you the best service possible.



A BIG THANK YOU to all our customers that called Andrews Taxi's to go to and from the Rendezvous casino during September enabling us to raise £143.00 for the lighthouse centre for children, this was a combined charity raising event between ourselves and the Rendezvous casino where Andrews Taxis donated 50p for every journey taken with us either to or from the casino. we had 287 journeys taken which amounted to £143.00 but as a further gesture Andrews Taxis doubled this amount making a total raised to £287.00 for a very worthy cause.

Thank you again!



Andrews Taxis  along with the Rendezvous Casino and the Light House Centre Charity fund.

During the month of September Andrews Taxis will be donating 50p of every journey to and from the Rendezvous Casino, with the proceeds going to the Light House Centre for children. So please if you will be going to the Rendezvous Casino during September call Andrews Taxis to help us raise as much as we can for this worthy cause, thank you


JULY 2016

This month we have updated our system so that we can offer the same Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system on mobiles as well as the landlines (which has been working successfully  for nearly 2 years now) the IVR system gives you 2 options which is the 2 most popular places that you have ordered an ANDREWS TAXI from however if you prefer to talk to an operator simply press 9 or hold.


JUNE 2016

The launch of our in car credit/debit card terminals has been received very well by you our customers, thank you for your feedback which is very important to us as this helps us to try and tailor the best service possible for you. The feedback which we have received was very positive as you appreciate the convenience of now being able to pay by cash or card.

As yet not all of our cars have this facility available but we are striving to get to 100%, so if you are only able to pay by card for your journey please make our operators aware at the time of booking, thank you.


MAY 2016

As from June 2016 Andrews Taxis are setting up in car credit/debit card payment facilities to make travelling with us much more convenient for you our customers, our in car terminals take all cards including American Express and are also able to take  contactless and Apple pay payments, you now wont have to worry about finding cash dispensers during your journey or worry about having enough cash. You will also be able to pay in car for your airport and long distance journeys. there is a convenience charge of £1 for journeys up to £20 and then a 5% charge on the total fare for journeys over £20 which is pretty standard for these types of transactions. As yet not every car is able to offer this facility but this is what we will be working to over the coming months. If you would prefer to pay by card please make our telephone operators aware at the time of booking so we ensure you are supplied with a vehicle that is able to take your payment


APRIL 2016

Thankfully spring has finally arrived and many of you will be busy planning your well earned summer holidays and dusting of your BBQ's, Please remember that Andrews Taxis are very competitive on prices for all your transport needs to all major Airports and long distance journeys, being able to provide all size vehicles up to 7 seats and wheelchair access vehicles.

For information and quotes on our set fare prices please call our friendly operators who will be happy to help.


MARCH 2016

Launch of The Buddy system on our app.  We are pleased to announce the Buddy system is now working on our App. All you have to do is put in a chosen phone number into the settings of your Andrews Taxi App and our system will automatically send your buddy a text with a link, this link will mean your buddy  will be alerted that you have been picked up and can then  track your movements to ensure you get home safely. Andrews Taxis the safest way home.



Andrews Taxis are pleased to announce a new service which will be in use over the next week or so, the service is called Driver to Customer calling and operates as follows, when a driver is allocated your booking and arrives at your pick up point you would then receive either a ring back or text back, we have found on occasions that our customers are not receiving either for reasons beyond our control i.e. could be a poor signal area e.c.t. you now are not aware that your taxi is outside waiting for you causing delays or in some case missing your taxi, with this new service if this should happen rather than our drivers having to ask our call centre staff to try and contact you (which if we are busy at the time there may be a delay in doing so) the driver will be able to do this direct which will mean if he has had to pull further along the road or round the corner because of parking restriction he will be able to direct you to him, Please rest assured that at no time will your phone number be shown to our drivers as when he makes the call it comes to our office first it is then our system that makes the call to you and connects you to each other.

We do hope as we believe this will add to improving even further our commitment and service to you.



Thank you to all of our customers who used our service over Christmas and new year !

News Years Eve was very successful for our drivers and customers alike with our drivers having a very busy night and our valued customers not having unacceptable waiting times, well done to the girls and boys in the call centre for giving up their new years eve to work very hard for us all.

Thank you again and please continue to call us.



ANDREWS TAXIS would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers old and new

A very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New year !

From all the Drivers, Management team, and of course all the boys and girls in the call the call centre.

Please remember Christmas and new year is our busiest time of the year and we will always do our best to meet your requirements, we will also endeavour to be on time for your bookings made with us, however for many reasons especially on new years eve this may not always be possible but promise we will do our best.

We would also like to remind you that Southend and Rochford councils operate a double fare charge during certain days during this period.

for more information please call us.




Andrews Taxis are proud to again be the main sponsor of The Rochford Beer Festival, we have sponsored this event for many years now which is held at the Freight House located at Rochford Station and has always proved to be a popular event.

The Festival will take place on the 17th of November till the 21st, why not pop along and try the ale which is specially brewed for Andrews Taxis called 200200, See their website for further details.




Our first year in our new call centre is now complete, wow where did that year go !

Our new system has settled down well and will be improving with each upgrade of which there are 2 a year, we are due an upgrade within the next few weeks and are looking forward to see what enhancement we will have to improve our service.

The IVR (automated booking system) and our APP bookings now represent 15% of our calls which is allowing us to be more efficient, once you have booked using either the IVR or APP if its necessary to call back our system will inform you of your taxis status or with the APP you can track your car on route to you without having to wait to get your call answered which is extremely useful for you during our busy times.

We thank you for your custom and continued loyalty from all the drivers and staff at ANDREWS TAXIS.




We are please to announce the launch of our Apple and Android booking app. The app will be available for download from the I Phone store and Google Play from the 2nd February, you will be able to use it to do the following.


Make a booking

Add  multiple  pick-ups (vias)

Book a return trip

Check the status of your taxi on route to you

Track your vehicle on a map

See an ETA for your booking

Set up your ten favourite addresses making booking simple and quick

Cancel your booking

Manage your previous bookings

All long distance journeys covered

 Please remember to tell all your friends about our app

This App is intended for use in the Rochford and Southend areas

To download the App just follow these links,

For android

and for I Phone

Please remember the app will be fully operational from the 2nd Feb.



We have now been operating our new system since the 5th August 2014 and to date we have been very pleased with the results, we have had some issues which are to be expected with such a large undertaking but do believe we along with our customers are starting to see the improvements this system is bringing.

One of the most popular features of the system for our customers so far is the text back service, once you have booked your taxi on your mobile you will receive a text message to inform you when your car has been dispatched, the text will give you an approximate e.t.a. and a description of the vehicle, then by following a link supplied you are able to track your taxi on route to you saving you wondering where or how long your taxi will be.

Another excellent feature of text back is that you are supplied with the drivers badge number so for ladies travelling alone brings peace of mind knowing you are in the  licensed car you ordered.

More updates to come.


JULY 2014

The new system is all set for going live on 5th August 2014 The Southend areas have slightly changed and by clicking on the PDF below you will be able to see the effect this will have.





Andrews Taxis choose Cordic to streamline and future-proof their business

Cambridge, UK, March 4th 2014 --- Cordic, leaders in data dispatch systems for Private Hire and Taxi Fleets today announced that they have been selected by Andrews Taxis to provide their booking and data dispatch systems.

Andrews Taxis, a 115 vehicle mixed fleet of Hackneys and Private Hire vehicles which operate in Southend and Rochford are replacing their dated Auto cab system in favor of Cordic’s cPAQ dispatch system. The implementation of the Cordic system will assist to streamline their dispatch operation. John Watson Managing Director comments: “Once the system goes live we’ll expect customers to make bookings faster and see reduced waiting times. We’ve added to our booking options to provide customers with a method which suits them. There are iPhone and Android apps which allow the customer to track their vehicle as it arrives. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will automate an estimated 50% of all our incoming telephone bookings; customers should be able to book a car within seconds!” “We chose Cordic as their reputation in the industry as the best system was unchallenged and their software is the most technically advanced available in the market. We wanted to give our customers a greater choice of booking methods, provide our drivers with the best software to help them do their job as best they can and our accounts team with a solution where they can process invoices and accounts at the click of a button. Overall it’s the complete package for us.” Andrews Taxis have joined Cordic at a very exciting time” says Danielle Kinsella, Marketing Manager for Cordic. “We’re going through a period of consistent growth, winning customers from all our competitors and also growing as a company adding new employees to the team. Our product pipeline is very exciting, we lead the data despatch industry with unique and innovative features which help us retain our position as the best system. We are very pleased to have been selected by AC Radio Cabs and Andrews Taxis and we look forward to working with them helping to further increase their efficiency using Cordic technology.” (As from the official CORDIC website)




Andrews Taxis are very excited to inform our customers of our latest developments, we will be having a brand new state of the art dispatch and telephone system installed in the very near future, we will also be moving to new premises to a brand new call centre!. The new dispatch system is built on the latest technology available and will be supplied by Cordic u.k. who are the market leaders in this field. This latest investment of £50,000 will see us become more effiecient in supplying you with our service, the system uses inteligent dispatching therefore being able to ensure you recieve your Taxis in the shortest time possible, The system will also supply you with a phone app, you will be able to order your taxi using the app which will then inform you by txt when your taxi has been dispatched,once you have recieved your txt message you will  then able to track your taxi on google maps showing you the progress, these are just some of the features available to you.

Watch this space for more exciting information.



A big thank you from the boys at Southend united for the sponsorship received from Andrews Taxis.

MARCH 2013

TZ TravelZone - we are the proud sponsors of TZ TravelZone who can be found on Shrimper Zone. TZ TravelZone have our logo on all their signatures online as well as on the Paste up Boards for the Away Coaches and Seat Reserved Placemats.



Southend Taxi Drivers Charity - Ray Woodcock a local Taxi Driver who takes extreme challenges to raise funds for the Southend Taxis Drivers Charity took the challenge of jumping a 30,000ft Tandem Jump in October.  This has received excellent publicity through the Echo Newspaper with a full page editorial on Tuesday 20th November as well as appearing on BBC Essex Web News (click on link: and tomorrow morning at 6.50am and 8.50am a pre recorded interview will be aired on BBC Essex Breakfast Show, this can be listened to via BBC iPlayer after 10.00am tomorrow (click on


Even though Ray has completed the jump, it is not to late to show your support and help Ray raise funds for the Southend Taxi Drivers Charity by e-mailing Ray at or contacting Liza Croft, your support would be greatly appreciated.


Rochford Beer & Cider Festival 2012 - Andrews Taxis are delighted that we are again sponsoring the glasses at this years Beer & Cider Festival which is being held at the Freight House, Bradley Way, Rochford from Tuesday 20 November to Saturday 24 November inclusive. This will be the 34th year CAMRA have held this event.  George's Brewery have yet again named an Ale 200 200 after the Andrews Taxis telephone number which we hope you will all try when attending the event.



Ray Woodcock - In July we told you about the the Extreme Challenge of climbing to the Highest Trekking Point in the world at 6400m ‘Everest Advanced Base Camp’ that Ray Woodcock was supposed to do on 1st October 2012.  Unfortunately, this trip has been cancelled due to the Chinese Government regulation of entry into Tibet.  Instead, Ray will be taking another challenge on Sunday 14 October 2012 by doing the World’s Highest Tandem Jump of 30,000 ft in Memphis and he will be the eldest person to attempt this jump. The temperature is somewhere around 25 to 35 degrees below zero.  Ray will receive full training, which will include pre-breathing techniques and will spend time on board the aircraft pre-breathing 100% oxygen.  When Ray takes the challenge he will exit the aircraft at 30,000 ft and experience up to two minutes of freefall at 180 mph.  If due to bad weather the jump is cancelled, then Ray has two further Sunday’s available before returning to the UK to fulfil this challenge.  Ray is taking this challenge to raise funds for  the Southend Taxi Drivers Charity Fund for Underprivileged Children, if you would like to sponsor Ray, please either visit the Southend Taxis Drivers Charity website to donate or contact the Liza Croft on 01702 200200.

Inter Taxi Golf Challenge in aid of the Southend Taxi Drivers Charity - On Tuesday 4 September 2012, the 2nd Annual Inter Taxi Golf Challenge in aid of the Southend Taxi Drivers Charity was held at Lords Golf & Country Club, this event was a huge success and £5120 was raised for the Charity.




Southend Taxi Drivers Charity Day Out - on Wednesday 1 August 2012, Taxi Drivers from different company's were involved in supporting the Charity who raise funds throughout the year for Underprivileged Children. Drivers gave up their time to transport and assist with the Children on Day Out.  The Children were taken to Kids Kingdom, Adventure Island and St Thomas More School where food and entertainment were put on, the Children had a great day out.



JULY 2012

SOUTHEND UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB - we have now signed a new 2 year Contract to be an Official Partner of SUFC and continuing our sponsorship of the North Bank Stand.

Ray Woodcock's Extrememe Challenge raising funds for The Southend Taxi Drivers Charity Fund for Children - On 1st October 2012, Ray Woodcock will be going on a 28 day expedition and will be taking the Extremem Challenge of climbing to the Highest Trekking Point in the world at 6400m 'Everest Advanced Base Camp'.  Not only has Ray got to climb, he will also be challenged by temperatures with a minium of -20 centigrade (or in taxi terms BLOODY COLD !!!!!)  Ray's basic itinerary in as follows:-

Fly Kathmandu Nepal.
Internal flight to Lhasa (Tibet)
7 days acclimatisation in area
Approx. 80 mile trek to Everest base camp at 5200m
Climb/trek to Adv. base camp at 6400m.

If you would like to sponsor Ray please visit and click on the 'Donate Now' button found on the top right hand corner of the home page.

Inter Company Golf Challenge - This was the first Andrews Taxis vs AC Radio Cabs Golf Challenge which was held at Lords Golf & Country Club on Wednesday 4 July, unfortunately, we lost by 1 point, but our Team played very well and enjoyed the day.  This event raised £200 for the Taxi Drivers Charity.


JUNE 2012

The Southend Taxi Drivers Charity for Children 40th Anniversary Dinner & Dance - 30th June - this raised £2000 from the Tombola and Auction for the Charity.

Kelly Holmes, Heather & Brian Houssart and Kevin Tyler


MAY 2012

Extreme Challenge June/July 2012 – Ray Woodcock will be climbing Everest in June/July 2012 raising funds for the Taxis Driver Charity which we strongly support, if anyone would like to sponsor Ray please contact 01702 524749.

MARKET SQUARE, ROCHFORD - We have received a response from Essex County Council regarding the decision for changes to Market Square, Rochford.  There will be no changes to the Taxi Rank on Market Square, Rochford,  Essex County Council will wait until they know exactly what the chages to the Rochford Town Centre will be before altering the traffic going into the Square.

OUR BRAVE DRIVERS - One of our drivers (Duncan 111) got assulted and the guys did a runner, between this driver, another driver (Andy 121) and one of our Controllers (Cindy), they managed to keep pursuit and led to an arrest.


MARCH 2012

SOUTHEND UNITED & ANDREWS AIRPORT CARS - Luke Prosser & Sean Clohessy of Southend United went to London Southend Airport to mark the beginning of Andrew's Airport Cars service from the Airport.

SOUTHEND UNITED V. ACCRINGTON STANLEY - On Saturday 10 March 2012 we sponsored this match and as sponsors were able to have collection tins raising funds for the Taxi Drivers Charity, £310 was raised on the day.

ANDREWS AIRPORT CARS - We are proud to announce that Andrews Airport Cars have commenced operating from London Southend Airport.  You will recall in September 2011, London Southend Airport announced we,  Andrews Taxis, would be the official Airport partner, providing Taxi and Private Hire vehicles for their passengers. 

Andrews Taxis and Andrews Airport Cars are available 24 hours a day.  Andrews Airport Cars have a concession desk within the terminal.  Our Concession Desk and Call Centre Staff have extensive experience and will always be able to assist you with your travel requirements. All our drivers are fully trained in customer care and Andrews Airport Cars drivers are uniformed.

Andrews Airport Cars offer a fleet of Mercedes Vito Executive vehicles which were first registered in January 2012, fully air conditioned with leather upholstery and privacy glass for that executive transfer.

For all your everyday bookings please continue to call us on 01702 200200, for all London Southend Airport bookings, please contact 01702 200 000 or visit Andrews Airport Cars.



ROCHFORD BEER & ALE FESTIVAL 2012 - Following the success of last years Rochford Beer & Ale Festival, we will again be sponsoring the glasses at the 2012 Festival and will have 3 Firkin's of 200 200 Ale. The 2012 Rochford Beer & Ale Festival will be on 20th to 24th November and they have secured the same parking for our Taxis as per at last years Festival. 4,500 people attended last years Festival, this was the second best they had held, the best being in 2009.

LONDON SOUTHEND AIRPORT - It is not long now until the NEW London Southend Airport Terminal will open and Andrews Airport Cars Concession Desk will be commence business.  Please note that our new web address has been changed to visit the website for online quotes and bookings.

PARK INN PALACE HOTEL - The Park Inn Palace Hotel, Southend-on-Sea now uses Andrews Taxis as its preferred taxi company.

SOUTHEND TAXI DRIVERS CHARITY - On Saturday 30 June 2012 Southend Taxi Drivers Charity will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary with a Dinner & Dance at Hollywood Restaurant, Thundersly.  The evening will cost £35 per person and will include 3 Course Dinner, Live Band, an Auction and Tombola.  Places are limited for tickets and full details, please contact Kelly Holmes on 01268 792862 or 07805 500025.

SOUTHEND RADIO - John Watson, Managing Director of Andrews Taxis pre-recorded a 2 Minute Take-Over Interview with Dom from the Southend Radio Wake Up Essex show, this will be aired soon, please listen out for it.

FACEBOOK - Andrews Taxis now has 1714 friends on their facebook page, visit our facebook page and become a friend of Andrews Taxis.



LONDON SOUTHEND AIRPORT - In September 2011 it was announced that we had won the £1million Taxi & Private Hire Concession Contract for  London Southend Airport.  This Contract will beginning shortly and we have launched our new Airport Taxi & Private Hire logo and website where you can now get a quote and make your online booking please visit - we have 1655 friends on our facebook page and this is increasing on a daily basis, if you are not already a friend on our page why not become with and ask your friends and family to join us.



ROCHFORD SQUARE TAXI RANK - Essex County Council and Rochford Parish Council want to make changes to the square which will reduce the current Taxi Rank by 60%.  Our Rochford drivers have been collecting signatures on a Petition which will be submitted to Essex County Council objecting the changes.  Please see below Echo Newspaper editorial that went in the paper on Monday 21 November:-

33rd ROCHFORD BEER & CIDER FESTIVAL 2011 - On 22-26 November 2011 the 33rd Rochford Beer & Cider Festival will be held at The Freight House, Rochford.  At this years event Andrews Taxis are sponsoring the Glasses and an Ale which has been named 200 200 which is being brewed by a local brewery in Great Wakering, George'e Brewery. For full details of this years event, visit




Inter Taxi Golf Challenge in aid of the Southend Taxi Drivers Charity raising funds for Underpriviledged Children - on Thursday 27 October 2011 the first Inter Taxi Golf Challenge organised by Andrews Taxis took place at Lord Golf & Country Club.We are very proud to announce that this event raised £4175 for the Charity.

John Charter presenting Brian Hussart MBE (President of the Charity) with the cheque

Inter Taxi Golf Challenge In aid of the Southend Taxi Drivers Charity raising funds for Underpriviledged Children - on Thursday 27 October 2011 the first Inter Taxi Golf Challenge being held at Lords Golf & Country Club to raise funds for Southend Taxi Drivers Charity for Underprivileged Children.  This Charity offers days out for underprivileged children, like the one held in August whereby some of Andrews Taxis Drivers gave up their time and participated in a Charity Day Out to Clacton.  If you would like to make a donation to this charity please visit or if your interested, you can sponsor a hole at the Inter Taxi Golf Challenge, for further details please contact Liza Croft on 01702 200 200.



Southend Airport Contract - We are very proud to announce that on the 14 September 2011, we won the £1million Contract for SOUTHEND AIRPORT which will start from 1st February 2012.  We beat competition from several national taxi companies to secure the exclusive right to provide private-hire cars for the expanding airport.  This will create 30 new jobs within the company to cope with the predicted boost to our business.

photos by Jo Curtis at Southend Airport


The Great Escape 16-18 September 2011 - Andrews Taxis are proud to announce that they have sponsored Tony Saunders of Paparazzi Restaurant in Westcliff in 2011 The Great Escape Rally raising funds for Southend University Hospital.

The 2011 Cumball Great Escape is themed loosley on the sixties film depicting the true life events of the mass breakout 76 allied airmen from a German POW in March 1944, and so the route will take in several historic wartime locations (and plenty more besides)...en-route to one of the world's best known festivals, Munich's legendary Oktoberfest...A great place to unwind at the end.




Great Wakering Rovers Football Club - Andrews Taxis are proud to announce that they will be sponsoring Great Wakering Rovers Football Club

Jack Clarke Golf Professional - Andrews Taxis are proud to announce that we are sponsors for Jack Clarke.  Jack started playing golf at the tender age of 6 years old, at the age of 13 he won his first men's competition.  Jack got noticed by Essex and was asked to attend trials and represented Essex at the age of 13 years old.  Jack's first season as a Golf Professional was in 2010 when he won the prestigious Essex PGA Open at Frinton Golf Club.  Jack has set a target for the next 5 years to become a full member on the European Tour and to be look upon by the younger generation.  Please visit Jack's website

Jack Clarke  

Charity Day Out - on Wednesday 3 August, some of Andrews Taxis Drivers gave up their time and participated in a Charity Day Out for Under Priviledged Children.  They took the children to Clacton for the day where they were given wrist bands to go on rides on the pier, had lunch on the pier and then were taken to the Town Hall where they were entertained by Mr Happy. 



JULY 2011

Relay for Life - Andrews Taxis put together a team to participate in the 24 hour Relay for Life at Garons Park, Southend-on-Sea on 30-31 July 2011 to raise money for Cancer Charities.


May 2011

Mansion Nightclub Taxi Concierge - We are experimenting with our own Taxi Concierge at Mansions Nightclub (formerly Storm Nightclub). When people are leaving the Club our Taxi concierge will ask if they would like a taxi, he will take their name and book the taxi for them and the customer can wait inside until the taxi arrives. When the taxi arrives the Taxi concierge will direct the customer to their taxi.



Why not join us on Face book or partner us on our partners page of the website,Andrews can help promote your business by advertising special events.



We would like to wish all our customers a happy,healthy and prosperous new year.



Customers can now find us via a phone apps, Andrews have subscribed for a 12 month contract with Cab-finder.



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You can now gain access to this website via, or or  as well as

The last 4 month job count has shown an increase in 3 out of 4 months compared to 2009 (see drivers news for more information).



NEW CONTRACT - We have now signed a new 3 year contract with primary heathcare (see drivers news for more details.



JOB COUNTS - See drivers information on latest job count stats.


JULY 2010

ANDREWS WEB DOMAIN - It has been recognised that their is another domain advertising as a rochford and Hockley based airport Taxi firm,please do not use this stite if your intentions are to book with THE REAL ANDREWS TAXIS of ROCHFORD

Southend Privilege cards launched from August - Please log onto the drivers area for full details of the scheme.

COMPANY BALLOT - Please log onto the drivers area to see the results.

Andrews Taxis now Advertise on Zereo Radio - Southends fastest growing internet radio station. Pay a visit
and join the 4000 weekly listeners.


JUNE 2010

SOUTHEND UNITED - Andrews Taxis are now the official Taxi partner for Southend United football club.A sponsership agreement has been signed for the next two seasons.

INSURANCE PACKAGE LAUNCHED - Andrews have launched thier own insurance package for all drivers of the circuit. Gaurenteed 5% savings on any current quotaion. Please see insurance tab on the webbsite for more information.


MAY 2010


PUBLIC RELATIONS REPRESENTATIVE APPOINTED - We are please to announce the recruitment of Liza Croft who will be joining the company from 26th May 2010 as public relations representative. Liza has a wealth of experience and will use this to help grow the business and develop new opportunities within our catchments area.

RBS SIGN NEW 2 YEAR CONTRACT WITH ANDREWS - We are please to announce that we have finally tied up a two year exclusive contract with RBS to continue providing services within the organisation. The contract also extends to exclusive marketing of all employees, not only account jobs.This opportunity not only secures our existing business but structured correctly will provide vast opportunities for the cash paying RBS customers.


APRIL 2010

NEW CONTRACT AGREED WITH GARONS PARK - We are please to announce that as from 1st June we will be the preferred Taxi provider for Southern Leisure centre (Garons Park).We have signed a two year contract which will allows us exclusive rights for all Taxis.The facilities and events will include the Essex cricket weeks and the Olympics diving events.


Andrews are always looking for enthusiastic drivers to strengthen our team.

Recruitment and training is an essential ingredient to the continued success of our business and to this end we are always looking for opportunities to assist in training and development of new recruits within our training school.

If you feel that you would like a career change then please fill in the application form and either post or complete online.