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About ANDREWS Taxis

Serving Southend for over 70 Years

AC Taxis is based in the Essex seaside town of Southend-on-Sea, where we have been providing fast, reliable coverage for over fifty years. 

We are by far the biggest taxi fleet for miles, with approximately 250 fully licensed vehicles and 400 drivers, all of whom are licensed by Southend Borough Council and have had the enhanced CRB check. Our reputable and safe service has contributed to Southend being awarded the Purple Flag award for its night life four years in a row, so you know you can travel with confidence.

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, our standard wait time is between five and ten minutes for a regular taxi, so if you’re looking to get somewhere fast, you know who to call. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and whether you’re going to a wedding or travelling to Gatwick Airport, we will go above and beyond to ensure we get you there on time. 


Alec standing on
pier hill next to the first ever AC’s Cab.

The founder of AC's wedding with the first drivers

Original ACs drivers on a night out

On the 14th of January 1969 a consortium of drivers decided to buy him out, and at that point AC Radio Cabs Ltd was born.

The Consortium lead by a board of directors established the business over the next 25 years when eventually  Mr Saxton purchased a majority shareholding and with his direction transformed the way the company dispatched jobs  from the old fashion voice control to a fully automated and computerized system. Mr Saxton over the next twenty years established Ac Taxis as Southend’s leading force with over 235 Taxis and 350 drivers.

In 2012 the reigns were taken up by John Watson whose vision is to take the next step and ensure that Ac Taxis remains at the cutting edge of the Taxi trade with investments in a state of the art call centre located in Southchurch, together with an updated version of the computerized system which will embrace current technology such as automatic call answering,GPS tracking of all Taxis, App’s, web-bookers and much more.

AC Taxis are extremely well placed in their sector, equipped with modern technology, well invested and looking forward to serving the public of Southend for the next 50 years.